Thursday, February 5, 2015

Indonesian Delegate at Berlinale International Film Festival, 33 Years Ago

”We have come to Berlin International Film Festival to put Indonesia on the international cinema map” stated Rosihan Anwar, in a press conference held in Berlinale Film Festival, February, 1982. He was there with actress Christine Hakim, director Slamet Djarot and Edward Pesta Sirait, and T Djohardin from Ministry of Information. The moderator was Eichenberer, a Swiss reporter. On the trade section, actress Debby Cynthia Dewi dressed in traditional Balinese clothing, promoting the films. Gope Samtani, Raam Punjabi, and L.J.N. Hoffman themselves took turns manning the stand and talking to prospective buyers. Although the 3 films were rejected in competition, but they sold 7 films for global circulation, including Ratu Ilmu Hitam and Primitif. And according to INP (West Germany news agency) and The Indonesian Observer (2 April 1982), this exhibition of "Indonesian Film Panorama" was one of the major highlights of the Berlinale that year. It looks like, related to the recent problems, the Indonesian delegate 33 years ago is somehow better than today's so-called Reformasi and Jokowi era. CMIIW.‪#‎jasmerah‬ ‪#‎tanyakenapa‬ ‪#‎prokjatabprosar‬