Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cinema Poetica just republished my old paper. Here's the story behind it

Cinema Poetica just republished my old article--and they added it with great pictures!
source: Cinema Poetica
I presented this paper in "B for Bad Movies" conference at Monash University, Melbourne, 15-17 April 2009, the very first academic conference i ever attended as a panelist. I just graduated from my master study at Universiteit van Amsterdam, and this paper was initially my final project of one of the modules. Being the new kid in  academia world,  i went there as  a film  critic from  and was  not really familiar with the idea of cult, exploitation, and b-movies and did not realize that there were so many Big Names in that very conference (as shown in this wonderful program

I was in a panel with  David Hanan (who presented a paper on Benyamin Sueb), one of the leading scholars on Indonesian Cinema. I even visited his house and saw his great Indonesia film collection (including the rare ones).
and I met new friends,  including Sun Jung (who visited Jakarta for her Korea and Fandom research) and  Ramon Lobato (who later published a great book, Shadows Economy of Cinema).

Here's the program:

some of the papers were published in Colloquy journal (including this artice):
Some other were published in an edited collection.
And in 2012 I started to have a deeper research on this topic for  my PhD study.

Ah, time flies.
Oh ya, during the conference, i flew to Canberra for my very first public talk at Australian National University. I was invited by Prof. Ariel Heryanto. to present a paper titled "
The Anomalous Islamic Movies  and other Recent Issues on Representation of
Muslim World in Post-New Order Indonesian Cinema"

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Transnational Cinemas: A Critical Roundtable

By Austin Fisher and Iain Robert Smith

Frame Cinema Journal.

Transnational Cinemas according to great film scholars: