Sunday, June 15, 2014

Global Exploitation CInemas, a new book series from Bloomsbury Academic

WOW! <-- Global Exploitation CInemas, a new book series from Bloomsbury Academic

info from the website:
Global Exploitation Cinemas publishes original monographs and edited volumes of 110-120k words that explore the highly dynamic area of international "exploitation" film production and consumption. Encompassing a broad range of contexts, from industry to audiences to cultural history, it considers filmic trends and traditions, the work of specific directors, producers, stars and audiences.

Until recently, the academic study of global exploitation cinemas often analysed films, not in light of their context of production, reception or cultural afterlife, but rather in theoretical vacuums. And, while it would be unfair to claim that this approach characterises all research in this area, there is yet to be a book series dedicated to advancing the field of exploitation cinema studies in a way that contributes new and original knowledge.

Global Exploitation Cinemas, thus, seeks to a fill a void in the academic study of cinema history and, for the first time, provide a forum for the historically-informed study of  the exploitation film in all its guises.
The series will attract both young and established scholars. The series will become a valuable tool for students and scholars across the fields of film studies and film history: specifically those within the thriving disciplines of "national" and "transnational" cinema.