Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wanted: a research assistant for a film project on Exploitation Cinema in the Philippines

Wanted: a research assistant for a film related project.

Topic: Exploitation Cinema in the Philippines.

We are doing a research project that compares exploitation cinema of the Philippines (1960s-1980s) with that made in Indonesia (1970s-1990s) under authoritarian government. We are exploring the parallels and connections between the two industries as well as the differences. Researchers are Dr. Thomas Barker (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus) and Ekky Imanjaya (University of East Anglia/Bina Nusantara University).

A representative list of Filipino titles we are interested in can be found here:

We need assistance to:
1. Find information in Filipino sources that discuss exploitation production in the Philippines. E.g. how it was framed and discussed in relation to 'mainstream' film production; the presence of American producers/talents; morality and film content; relationship to the Marcos regime; interviews with filmmakers; and other topics.
2. What connections (if any) between Philippines production and Indonesia? Focus on the 1982 Manila Film Festival Market; and other connections e.g. talent, capital, inspiration, genre, themes, etc.
3. Details of any Indonesian films distributed/screened in the Philippines.
4. Details of government support for 'exploitation' films.
Work scope:
Research and collect relevant materials - newspaper articles, archival materials, films.
Provide written summary of key texts, events, and information.
Arrange interviews with relevant figures.
Assist and accompany Researcher to conduct interviews (one week in September/October)

Able to work independently
Attention to detail
Bilingual (Tagalog and English)

Preferable: Prior experience/knowledge of Filipino cinema.

Work period: 3 months (August 15 to Nov 15)
Payment: at prevailing RA rates.

Please send cover letter with CV to and by August 10.