Saturday, December 26, 2015

15% off all films at ZDD, including a bunch of Indonesian Exploitation Movies!

Stttt. ZDD has a section on Filipino/Indonesian exploitation films. The title include War Victims, The Warrior and Ninja Girl aka Revenge of the Ninja (Jaka Sembung series), Terrorist, Special Silencers, The Snake Queen aka Nyi Blorong, Lady Exterminator,  Jungle Heat/Rimba Panas, The Intruder aka Pembalasan Rambu,  Hell's Raiders, Final Score,  Daredevil Commandos,  Angel of Fury (uncut, Cynthia Rothrock), Bloody Vengeance (Darah Perjaka).

And they offer 15% off all DVDs and books until midnight on New Year's eve.

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