Monday, December 15, 2014

Let's Help "Lady Terminator" Family!

A sad message from Barbara Constable ( "Lady Terminator"):

Hi everyone,

This is Barbara Constable, Amber and Sebastiens Mother.  I have set this fund up to help our little family recover from what has truly been a very difficult year for us.

As I write this, we have have been in our new rental for 7 days, after havingmoved twice in 2.5 weeks.  (I will explain this shortly)  We initially had to move from our previous address, as I could no longer afford the rent on my own, due to the ill health of my daughter, and myself not being able to workdue to having to care for her.   My daughter Amber was diagnosed withAdolescent Social Anxiety Disorder and Depression in April of 2014, after refusing High School for many months.   To counteract the loss of income from not being able to work, I set up a small massage business from home, which I am currently unable to operate until I get this new house set up, and rename the business and website.   I finally received the Carer's Pension to care for my daughter in August of 2014.     

The house that we are now renting was unfortunately not available to move into when we had to leave our previous premises on 13th November 2014. Therefore we had to move all our major furniture under my Mother's rental flat, and send the rest of the electrical's and boxes to another family member's house.  My son and myself lived in my Mothers back shed for 2.5 weeks, and my daugthter stayed with my sister Jasmine, until were able to move into this house 7 days ago.  Moving twice in 2.5 weeks has wiped out any funds that I had in the bank.  Being a Single Parent is tuff enough, without having to move twice.  

During the stay in my Mother's shed, my son and I weathered two of the biggest storms that Brisbane has seen of recent years.  We were very lucky that most of our stuff was not damaged, but some major electricals were damaged in the storms.  We are in need of a Fridge, a dryer, and a washing machine.  Also, the house we have moved into has absolutely no cupboards to hang clothes in, or cupboard space for linen and storage. Therefore we need to aquire 3 cupboards.

Christmas is looming,  and without any funds left, and not enough income coming in, I am in need of funds to cover bills I cannot afford to pay, until I can find some part time work.  

Hoping the community can assist our little family recover with some financial assistance, so that we can have a less stressful 2015.  

Barb xxxxxx

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