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Sneak Peek: Table of Content & Abstracts of Plaridel special issue: "The Bad, The Worse, and The Worst: The Significance of Indonesian Cult, Exploitation, and B Movies"

The Bad, The Worse, and The Worst: The Significance of Indonesian Cult, Exploitation, and B Movies

Plaridel  Journal, Special Issue, Vol 11, Issue No. 2, 2014.

Guest Editor: 
Ekky Imanjaya 
(PhD Candidate, University of East Anglia, UK; 
faculty member, school of Film, Binus International, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia)

Coming soon: December 18, 2014

Table of Content and Abstracts:

1.     The Significance of Indonesian Exploitation and Cult Cinema: An Introduction to Special Issue

By Ekky Imanjaya (guest editor; University of East Anglia and Binus Nusantara University)

2.     Exploiting Indonesia: From Primitives to Outraged Fugitives
By Thomas Barker (University of Nottingham Malaysia)

3.     The Raiding Dutchmen: The Dutch Stereotypes in Indonesian Action Movies
By Eric Sasono  (

4.       The Earth is Getting Hotter: Urban Inferno and Outsider Women’s Collectives in Bumi Makin Panas
By Dag Yngvesson (University of Minnesota)

5.        Challenging New Order’s Gender Ideology in Benyamin Sueb’s Betty Bencong Slebor: A Queer Reading
By Maimunah Munir (University of Airlangga)

6.       Genre versus Local Specificity: Configuring Rangda and Durga in Balinese and Bengali Films
By Makbul Mubarak  (Universitas Multimedia Nusantara)

7.       Beneath Still Waters: Brian Yuzna and the Transnational Indonesian Terror Text
By Xavier Mendik  (University of Brighton, Director of Cine-Excess Film Festival)

1.      American and Chinese influences on early Indonesian Action cinema

The List of Filmography of Early Indonesian Action Movies (1926-1941)
compiled by by Bastian Meiresonne

2.    On Lady Terminator
Interview with Barbara Anne Constable
By Andrew Leavold

3.     Beneath Still Waters: The Brian Yuzna Interview
By Xavier Mendik
4.     Scripting an Indonesian Monster: The John Penney Interview

By Xavier Mendik

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