Tuesday, September 2, 2014

10 Films I want To Watch in this Year's Busan Film Festival (My Wish List)

1I wish I could go to Busan in October. :((. There are a lot of great movies. Here's my wish list:

      The Look Of Silence – Joshua Oppenheimer http://www.biff.kr/eng/html/program/prog_view.asp?idx=14391&c_idx=100&sp_idx=288&QueryStep=2  ç a “sequel” of The Act of Killing. 

2.       Garuda Power: The Spirit Within – Bastian Mereisonne ß on history of Indonesian action movies, with very rare excerpt from early films?

3.   The President – Mohsen Makhmalbaf, It’s Mohsen Makhmalbaf. Enough said.

4.   When the Rooster Crows, Southeast Asian Cinema = Leonardo CINIERI LOMBROSO,  SEA Cinema is one of my research interests.

5.       A Rose Reborn  = Park Chan Wok , Old Boy and Thirst, that’s why!

6.   The Singer - Nonzee NIMIBUTR ßthe director of Nang Nak and Jan Dara
7.   Cambodia 2099 – Davy Chou , I love Golden Slumbers.
8.   the Man Who Is Tall Happy? : An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky – Michel Gondry. Gondry-Animation-Chomsky. Irresistible
9.       Men Who Save the World – Liew seng tat. I love flower in the pocket.
10.    Fluid Boundaries – Daniel Rudi Heryanto ß Indonesian film in Busan? And I want to know Rudi’s development after Prison and Paradise.