Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First Conference as a PhD Student! :)

the Media, Globalisation and Imagination Symposium, Tuesday 1st October 2013,  Thomas Pai
ne Study Center,  University of East Anglia.

14:00     Media and the Global Imaginary: Ideas, Issues and Investigations

Kyriakidou, M (PSI)

Scott, M (DEV)

14:30    Imagining the USA

Avila, R (AMS) Dora the Explorer, Language & American Identity

Brooks, O (PSI) MTV’s Jersey Shore: Guidos, Guidettes and Grenades.

D’Hont, C (AMS)  Fake Fame: Celebrity in Contemporary American Literature

Fuller, S (FTM) Mexico noir: the Mexican spaces of American film noir

16: 00 Break

16:15      Production and reception of trans-national media

Atakav, E (FTM) Television that travels: the Middle East and beyond: A study of the critical reception of Magnificent Century (2011-present)

Harkin, J (PSI) Mediating Syria’s Revolution

Imanjaya, E (FTM) Defining “Crazy Indonesia”: Politics of Tastes, Classic Indonesian Exploitation Cinema, and Global Cult Fandom

Mizsei Ward, R (FTM) Superheroines in Hijab American Rightwing Bloggers respond to the
Islamic Transmedia Franchise, The 99

1745 - Break

18:00      Roundtable and Open Discussion:  Interdisciplinary Approaches to Media, Globalisation and Imagination: Future Directions for Research?

1845 – Finish/Pub!