Monday, March 4, 2013

Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters (full movie) + a special feature

Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters (Perempuan Bergairah, directed by  Jopi Burnama and the dubbing was directed by  Charles Kaufman, 1982)

Synopsis (taken from
As the oldest child, Renny Basuki, a judo champion, feels the responsibility of supporting her family when the father passes away. She accepts Mia’s offer to establish a free wrestling group. She has to, as her younger sibling needs money for medical bills. The wrestling group, named Idola, becomes famous. However, Renny is disappointed because her mother won’t accept her hard-earned money. Her mother wants Renny to quit wrestling and accept the marriage proposal from a man whom her late father was indebted to. Renny won’t give up. She even gets a manager, Indra. The Idola competes in Semarang and also in Surabaya against the Ballons. Renny and Mia achieve victory. It’s a double victory when Renny wins the heart of Indra and Mia wins the heart of the Ballons’ manager. They become happy couples.

the dubbing was ridiculously ridiculous a la Loyd Kaufman. the little boy becomes pervert, Barry Prima always talks like Elvis.Rumor has it, Parkit Film displeased with the result.This is Loyd explaining why: