Tuesday, December 9, 2014

RIP Lilik sudjio, the director of "Queen of Black Magic"

I just read from El –Badrun’s Facebook status, that #liliksudjio just passed away today  (9 dec), at 07.30, in Jakarta.

Liliek Sudjio  was the first director who received Citra awards in the 1st Festival Film Indonesia. He outdid Usmar Ismail, “the father of Indonesian cinema”.  He directed Ratu Ilmu Hitam (Queen of The Black Magic, 1979), one of the earliest exploitation films exported overseas in the early 1980s and recirculated in the 2000s.

But Liliek’s works are beyond that. He directed several superhero movies such as GundalaPutra Petir (Indonesia's Flash)  and Darna Ajaib (Indonesia's Wonder Woman). He also directed comedy starring the icons of  the 1980s namely Gepeng and Benyamin Sueb.

In 1968, he was one of the chosen director that has been selected by Dewan Film Nasional (National Film Council) to produce a film related to the project of “searching of Indonesian faces on screen”. Instead of making art-house films, like other directors, he chose to make genre film, Djampang Mentjari Naga Hitam (Djampang Searches for the Black Dragon).

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